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Automatic mechanic Monobloc model TU 400 HM FIS which includes carton erector, bottom flaps folder, bottom flaps by sealer hot melt, bottles inserter, evacuation of cartons, all done automatically at the speed of 500 cartons hour. This Monobloc unit is composed of: Main Frame made of strong welded SS steel sections fitted with self adjustable feet in height. Carton Magazine can accept different models and carton sizes. Important to feed them in the correct position and number. An Automatic continuous loading of folded cartons motorized magazine is supplied. The carton is controlled feeding by photocells to regulate the carton advancement. Vacuum suction cups groups to pick any type of carton from the magazine, with self-braking Getriebemotor operating arm. It can use or 4 more cups adjustable in both dimensions. Special carton forming sled, activated by self-braking motor reducer, is placed on the upper frame of the machine to avoid the carton cellulose dust. Pneumatic vacuum pump group of 20 mc/hour Bottom Flap closer special device folds the bottom, of complete: - Automatic closing setzt for front and rear bottom carton closing. - Side guides supports carton for guiding, with size marking tape by hand wheels for width and height adjustment. The NordSon extrusion group is located on the front part opposite to the carton Magazin. It kerzenschmelzen the glue at the required temperature for spraying by the nozzles. The group is composed so: - Glue extrusion tank - Connecting hose - Spray head and nozzles Each part is temperature controlled by adjustable thermostat to keep the pre-set values. Carton squaring devices positioned at the formed carton sides to hold it in the proper position for the sealing. Automatic pressing device of a pusher type, activated by pneumatic cylinder, guided by two hardened steel bars to enter the cartons completely and to press the four flaps for a safe bottom sealing. Motorized bench made of epoxy coated steel section, with SS steel links conveyor aligns the products coming from the infeeding line and works as accumulation table. Mechanical bottles distributor: it’s mounted on the upper side of the bench, it carries out an alternated movement from right to left. The orientation system helps the quick bottles insertion into the direction lines. Alignment section elements are placed in the required number and adjustable to the infeed lines. Mechanical numbering device activates the photocell and controls the number of products required. Motorized cartons conveyor: made of stainless steel; it is complete with side guides, adjustable in their height, for the different formats. The guide supports for the checking photoelectric cells and the spacing cylinders are mounted on it. On the contrary, on the lower side, the conveyor is held by four threaded bars for any further height adjustment. It is possible to turn it inverting the direction of the carton. Translation trolleys: they are mounted on the upper side of the machine for a further visibility and easy maintenance. The movement of the two self-braking gearmotors controls the machine head forwards, backwards, upwards and downwards, carrying out alternated cycles. Bottles gripping head: in the upper side, on the right side, there is a safety photoelectric cell. It stops the machine in case of cloggings during the work stage. Automatic Centering device for cartons. It is manually adjustable in its height by a screw hand-wheel surrounded by millimetric bars. As it is coneshaped, it guarantees a good centering during the bottle way to the carton. It is lifted and lowered by a pneumatic cylinder applied on the frame of the machine. In the lower side there is a safety device to stop the machine in case of high pressure for the upper side or in case lack of air in the line. Electronic panel box: it is complete with door locking and keyboard for the manual and automatic control; it is made a “programmable logic PLC” and it is bolted on the upper rear side of the machine. This machine is special and electronically controlled to obtain the carton forming in the best safe way. The cartons are always released by this unit in the center of the conveyor even if they are of different sizes. Free roller conveyor extensible from 1 to 4 meters long, complete with a painted steel frame, plastic rollers, feet of galvanized steel support and impact resistant plastic mounted on wheels with brakes Accessories 1 Picking head on 2x3 composition adjustable to different diameters and complete with centering device and introducing blades. Diam. Min 68 Max 110 mm 1 Picking head on 3x4 composition adjustable to different diameters and complete with centering device and introducing blades. Diam. Min 60 Max 90 mm
793.75 €
Automatic mechanic inserting machine model INS ALV 1T for picking cell-like inserts from the working bench, opening them and inserting them in an already shaped cardboard box that has been previously closed in its lower part; production rate is 500 cardboard boxes hour. The inserting machine is composed of: Frame completely made of SS tubular and provided with feet for height adjustment. Motorized storing element for cell-like inserts positioned in the right direction and size. The storing element is suitable for different kinds of cell-like inserts having different lengths and heights. Adjustment settings are marked by millimetric stripes corresponding to the dimensions of cell-like inserts. Suction cups unit: composed of several elements according to the surface to be packaged, they keep cell-like inserts extracting them from storing element with a strength of 3 millibar. Cell-like insets opening and squaring: this device, installed in the upper part of the machine, opens the insert, perfectly T-squares it, keeping it still until final insertion. Pneumatic pump for vacuum effect: it is splined to the machine and its maximum capacity is 10 mt.3/hour; it is complete with a filter for clean air aspiration. Motorized belt for the accumulation and ejection of cardboard boxes, it receives empty accumulated cardboard boxes bypassing them to the centre of the machine under the centring device. (Ready for cell-like insert insertion). Automatic centring device: this vertical sliding device allows the cardboard box to be automatically self-centred to the incoming celllike insert, which has been picked by the picking head. Kinematic systems to transfer cardboard boxes from a working surface to another. These systems are mounted on a double supporting frame that is an integral part of the system and are positioned on the top as to have good visibility both of operating head movement as well as to the shaping of cell-like insert. These movements are guided by tempered bars sliding on ball sleeves. Cell-like inserts picking head: suction cups head is made of steel tubular having 15 mm width template-boring corresponding to the shape of the inserts to be picked. Cupboard for switchboard: it is provided with door holding device and push-button panel for manual or automatic control, realized with PLC having a programmable logic and it is bolted on the opposite side of the storing element. n. 1 Picking heads on 3x4 divider composition. n. 1 Picking heads on 2x3 divider composition. Accident-preventing protecting devices are made of polycarbonate reinforced all along the perimeter by an anticorodal aluminium profile as to obtain good visibility. They are bolted on the structure of the machine and some doors for inspection and maintenance are inserted. All doors are complete with safety devices for an instantaneous stop of the machine. The machine is in conformity with CE regulations. N.B. During running, all the movements of the machine are controlled by safety devices and this assures a simple and accurate working process.
495.00 €

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